We make custom bespoke door handles

Our design and manufacturing process delivers custom made bespoke door handles to meet the high standard of corporate companies and domestic customers. The process can vary from hand sculpted creations to CNC CAD designed and machined parts.  Our in house forge can produce blacksmith style forged knobs, handles and accessories. Regardless of the door handle style we can make it happen.

If you need a custom door handle or door furniture we can deliver stunning artistic and high end design pieces.

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E. sales (at) customdoorhandles.com

Available services:

  • Custom design and manufacture
  • CNC design and machining
  • Custom Forge and blacksmith parts
  • Hand sculpted art and handle designs
  • Metal casting and forming

Handles and accessories available:

Custom door handle types:
Custom pull style handles, pocketed handles, levers and door pulls for furniture, taps and equipment (We have even produced handles for aircraft, classic cars and vintage audio equipment).

Hinges and Latches:
We can also supply custom blacksmith door hinges and accessories all hand forged by our in house forge. Custom accessories also available.

Corporate door handles and door pulls:
We have produced many “one off” items for our clients. Corporate style emblems and logos are a great way to greet your customers and guests. Our design process includes full 3d visuals before manufacturing happens. That way you can be sure and don’t have to guess what the final items looks like.

Rah Door Handle


This handle has a brass rose which is patterned and polished. The handle it’s self is a stainless steel billet polished and brushed to create the line effect. These are available in various sizes to suit doors or furniture.

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Diamond Squared now available


The new Diamond Squared handle is available in 5 sizes and two options. The first option is our door handle version which turns and operates like a normal door handle. The second option is our static version for fixed handles on furniture like draws and wardrobes. These are available in pairs from £450.

New Suspended Ring handles now available

tube suspended

Our new suspended ring handles are machined billet brass. They are available in polished, satin and brushed finishes. These handles are ordered in pairs and start from £550. For ordering and lead times feel free to email or call.